No, this trip isn’t just a socially acceptable excuse for ditching school or dodging responsibilities. Well, maybe the school part. After a debilitating bout of Calculus overload this past summer, I decided that my brain needed some recharging and that I needed somewhere (anywhere) else than Los Angeles. Rather than just take time off for my own pursuits, why not contribute to someone else’s life who does not have the luxury to “take time off?”

So after countless hours of research (a daily hobby of mine), I decided upon the Cross Cultural Solutions Volunteer Program. Thailand has a metropolitan city, good weather, THAI FOOD, infinite activities, amazing beaches, and THAI FOOD, so it seemed like a good fit. When else would I have this opportunity to visit this corner of the world? It may have be a long time, if Mommy and Daddy hadn’t been willing to pick up the bill for that plane ticket.

But seriously, I am very interested in social entrepreneurship. Beyond its idealistic motive, the mutual benefits, both economic and social, can be initiated on the local scale but have infinite potential for growth. By immersing myself in Thai culture and the Southeast Asian lifestyle, I hope to gain insight into traditional artisan goods and skills that have increasing value in the commercialized markets like our own. And, I love shopping, so why not pursue that passion in Bangkok? Market research, literally.

Other than that, I’ll be teaching English and attempting to learn Thai beyond my previous knowledge of every item on Thai food menus. Check out my page on Wat Wetawan to learn more about my learning!


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