The question “where?” is difficult to definitively answer right now, other than: Asia.

For my first four weeks, I will be living and working in Bangkok. Our home is in the Bangsue district, of which I know nothing about, other than some geographical info supplied by my friend Wikipedia. Apparently, Bangsue is the end of the Bangkok Metro–so, basically at the edge of what is considered “the city” along the border of “the river,” the Chao Phraya. There are 50 districts in Bangkok, which are further subdivided into 169 khwaeng, so conclusively: I will be very lost without my iPhone GPS.

In and around: point A.

Then, 3 weeks of Asian exploration! Bali? The Philippines? Cambodia? The Maldives before they’re below sea level? We’ll see…the only requirements are beaches and a relatively stable political environment. Beaches are a given.

After my journey through countries X, Y, and Z, I will be in Hong Kong for a week with my fellow UCLA student and Chi O sister Lorraine (the one has lived in every continent, it seems). We will participate in calm, wholesome activities like the HK Rugby Sevens Tournament. Then the two of us will return to UCLA to learn stuff good and stay in skool…


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