Just Kickin’ It


Farting around, shooting the shit, just for shits and giggles…these potty-mouthed English idioms are literally idiotic, but practically fantastic. Rarely do I ever consider the image of shooting a piece of poop with a rifle, but since I’ve been learning some Spanish idioms the literal translations have been at the forefront of my mind.

The father in my host family, Eduardo, taught me a few and attempted to explain them, but the literal translations were far more entertaining than his thoughtful explanations. Mira:

Spanish idiom: Sacarse el gordo.
Literal translation: To take the fat one.
Equivalent English idiom: To hit the jackpot.

Spanish idiom: El hijo de la gato, ratones mata.
Literal translation: The son of a cat kills mice.
English Equivalent: Like father like son.

Spanish idiom: Vive en el quinto pino.
Literal translation: He lives in the fifth pine tree.
English Equivalent: He lives way far away.

Spanish idiom: Da un beso a la botella.
Literal Translation: Give the bottle a kiss.
English Equivalent: Take a swig.

Ok so I definitely didn’t hear that last one in real life, I promise. If I did, I probably would have gone ahead and kissed the bottle. But now, thanks to an impromptu idiom class, I’ll know that that guy doesn’t actually live in a tree. Or have a cat as a father.

Fartin’ in Valencia! Fartin’ all over the world!

Here’s a new one: She who wears a fur hat in 85º weather is dumb. No, really.


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