Cava Caves & Mediterranean Waves

It’s sad that I keep equating Spanish things with those back in los Estados Unidos, but…the comparisons are just too good! That said, we went to Spanish Napa last weekend. But instead of being by the chilly Pacific ocean, when we drove out to the coast we were greeted by the now-familiar turquoise of the Mediterranean. An afternoon in Sitges was a pleasantly slow day eating lunch by the waves, continuing our cava (Spanish champagne) samplings, and just taking in the beauty of a sleepy beach town, but with medieval churches instead of surf shops. That part beats California.

The tour was actually pretty impressive, considering the Codorniu winery was founded in the 1500s and is the largest producer of sparkling wine. Not that we paid much attention to the tour guide’s facts while we were distracted by the sheer magnitude of the underground cellars while we wound around thousands of bottles down dank tunnels in little carts on the “Wine Train”…and pretending like we were down in Gringott’s Bank (Harry Potter fans only).

After a “tasting” at Codorniu, we supported the family business in the gift shop then hopped back on the bus to head for the beach. Sitges is stunningly beautiful. We ventured down narrow, shady cobbled streets winding between old buildings, which finally opened up to aqua water and a white sand beach. A leisurely lunch, our souvenir bottles of cava, and a great group of Americans–What could be better? Oh yeah, it was the Sitges film festival and “zombies” were roaming the romantic streets. It added a nice touch of whimsy to an otherwise idyllic day.

This couple was wearing matching bikini bottoms–and nothing else. They were also apparently training for the Topless Paddleball World Championships, because they played for all 4 hours we were on the beach. Impressive, but a bit disturbing, too.


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