And we can just stroll on over to Parc Cuitadella for a photo op between classes. Beats UCLA's Inverted Fountain.

I keep receiving emails from my loving parents with the few words, “How are classes going?” (to which I have yet to respond), and which as of late have devolved into just, “Class?”

Yes, I take them.

I’m actually sitting in class right now! Isn’t that swell. Spain in Cinema isn’t exactly a challenging course relative to UCLA standards. Or preschool standards. Our professor just asked, “You are knowing who Johnny Depp is, right?” Yeah, Americans tend to know him.

Other than this sleep-inducing cinema class, my daily Spanish language class is pretty good, although I wish it were a bit more challenging. We’re currently reviewing tenses and vocabulary that I learned in 7th grade, but at least we’re getting more formal practice than just ordering cervezas and asking to try flavors of gelato. In all actuality, it’s fun to have a laidback language class to just take in the idiomatic nuances of español…

Classes are tragically mandatory, so I’ve been attending far more class hours than I normally do at UCLA, but doing virtually zero homework. Not that there isn’t any work, but the bulk of it consists of class participation and economic case studies and simulations. Which are certainly more practical and fulfilling learning experiences than any economics class at UCLA thus far.

So, yes, Mother and Father, I am learning stuff good. Real good.


3 responses to “¿Skool?

  1. wow. I’m so glad you have classes and are attending them. porque no estas estudiando Espanol mas deficil?
    you can tell i could benefit from 7th grade level spanish.
    thx for update.
    su mama muy cansado porque estaba durmiendo a las 4:30 en la manana, gracias

  2. we are all just jealous of your practical edu! Papa

  3. Create great memories.

    Have a great quick jaunt to switzerland.


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