I Live Here?

2 blocks from school, 3 from my apartment. Do we really have to attend class?

So I may be more than a week behind on updates, but for good reason: days in Barcelona have been frantic with classes, exploring, trip planning, those gosh darn logistics (cell phones, schedules, orientation, registration…), and just adjusting to living in such an amazing city. I don’t feel like I’m necessarily adjusting to a foreign, unknown city, but more like I need to adjust to the beauty of Barcelona–I really get to live in this amazing city?? Every block is saturated with stunning architecture, a view of one breathtaking landmark or another, and virtually minutes from the best urban beachfront I’ve ever seen. So, yes, I feel more than comfortable living in Barcelona, and can barely take the time to sleep for all the places we want to see, things we want to do, and adventures we want embark upon. Until the incredulity of my new address gives way, I’ll going to bed and waking up at the crack of dawn! Siesta in the middle.


One response to “I Live Here?

  1. your dad needs to be on the auto mailing!

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