London Blog: Come for the Sights, Leave for the Food

Two weeks after arriving in Europe, and I’m finally sitting down to start up this blog again. Yes, I’ve been more than busy, a little lazy, but mostly I’ve really enjoyed not spending every waking moment with my MacBook. But I’ll make a quick exception during today’s siesta to let you know I’m still alive…

I spent about a week in London, meandering through Central while staying with a friend in Kingston, southwest of the city center. Central was just a short train ride an overpriced ticket away, so we spent all of our days exploring the city and often running into landmarks rather than pinpointing them on a map. Intentionally or not, London is a fantastic (and fantastically easy) city to get lost in: there are endless alleyways that always seem to lead to somewhere more interesting than the previous one, and the people aren’t very nice so you might as well spend your time walking rather than sitting in a pub with them. Which is seemingly all the Bristish do, anyway.

Sad to say (actually, quite happy), but I didn’t eat any fish nor chips while in the UK–the novelty didn’t outweigh my disgust with their awful cuisine. I didn’t see an unfrozen, unpackaged vegetable in this deep fried oasis, and we won’t even talk about their mincemeat obsession. Unfortunately, great foreign food is British-ized with more butter, more salt, and less flavor–never has McDonald’s looked so acceptable. Acceptable, not appetizing!

But in all, it was an amazing city to experience, from the gargantuan Tate Modern to the redneck (UK style) greyhound races we attended in Wimbledon. Dogs, a pint, and some gambling…a classy British tradition.

Not so many spectacular pictures, because it’s hard to avoid being cliche about anything in London, but here are some of the more decent photos:

And the customary culturally absurd photos…even though these don’t even begin to capture the absurdity of the Brits:


One response to “London Blog: Come for the Sights, Leave for the Food

  1. Good eye and composition, Abby. Learn oodles in Barceona. Love, Gramma & Papa

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