No more backpack…

Now instead of just living out of my backpack and staying in guesthouses, I now have my my backpack AND little suitcase and can stay in a real hotel in Bangkok before I head to Hong Kong. So it’s a step up, I suppose. The past month has definitely been an adventure, from the not so good (a stolen wallet to getting split up with my friends for a few days in Laos) to the amazing (long dinners on the beach/river, scuba diving, ziplining, kayaking, just laying in the sand!). We met new friends everyday, some of which we ended up traveling with or seeing days later in another obscure city. Many groups were traveling for  at least 3 months, and some for a year or indefinitely! This Southeast-Asia travel plan, or lack thereof, made me pretty jealous buuuut I guess I’m ready to go back to skool in a week. Well, after Hong Kong and Rugby 7s!

I’ll attempt to post some photos and blurbs about my trip later, but for now, I’ve compiled my personal favorites of my new best-est friends made throughout my travels. We all really bonded over our shared interests and aspirations, like our love for classy fashion and our dream to spread the joys and enlightenment of Western culture with the Thai and Laotian locals. Maybe a little too much joy…The eligible bachelors are:

1. Politically savvy intellectual

2. Rebellious body-paint artist / rugged outdoorsman (whose back read: "I think I'm Jesus...maybe?)

3. Travel enthusiast/ fashion slave


One response to “No more backpack…

  1. just hoping your foto choices are your form of jest!

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