Becca and I went on a last-minute dash to Ayutthya on Sunday. It’s about 75 km north of Bangkok, and has approximately 1 gagillion temple and palace ruins. We were sore from the bus ride, melting in the heat, bombarded by tourists (Buddhist holiday, Makabucha Day= lots of pilgrimages) and kept getting ripped off by drivers…BUT we toured around on $1.50/day bicycles (i.e., piles of rust) and played with baby elephants. So that cancels out the “badness.”

Rather than stop and examine every temple, we had a great time pedaling around the city and watching the air-con buses full of tourists zoom past. No sarcasm; the bikes were awesome! It was a great way to quickly see countless, and equally spectacular, ruins. Ayutthya is an ancient capital and was destroyed by the Burmese, which was terrible then but makes for beautiful piles of stone now. And that’s about all I learned other than even baby elephants are heavy, and it hurts when they stomp on your toes!


One response to “Ayutthya

  1. looks like a scene from the Jungle Book. I hope you sang that song “be like me” or was it another song as they danced around the ruins???

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