The New Thai National Symbol: 7-11

One of the very first things that I noticed about Bangkok, and then Thailand is general, is that there are 7-11’s everywhere. Not just a common store like in the US, but on every corner and with a few in-between on every block in Bangkok. But the city isn’t the only place inundated with these little havens of AC and Asian interpretations of gas-station food: 7-11 is abundant on all the puny islands, every city and town in Thailand, and in the middle of nowhere next to elephants and monkeys.

Out of curiosity and my relentless quest for useless knowledge, I looked up the stats:

  • 5,250 total 7-11’s in Thailand
  • Thailand has the 3rd largest number of stores after the US (5,900) and Japan (12,349)
  • And 7-11 is the largest chain store in the world. Ahead of Ronald! McD’s is “classy” here; they look like Starbucks cafes and everyone gathers under the golden arches to study.
  • 1,500 7-11’s in Bangkok (that’s a lot to cram into one city. A LOT)

So, Thailand is smaller than Texas, but bigger than California. But it has almost as many 7-11 stores as the entire US! Is this impressive or disturbing? For me, it’s just convenient because I know I can get delicious snacks, like a rice burger or some shrimp Pringles, whenever my heart desires! Which is never.

I wonder how they get that little shrimpy's flavor into those pink chips?

The epitome of Asian-American fusion... for the discerning BBQ lover. Maybe too much emphasis on the American part.


2 responses to “The New Thai National Symbol: 7-11

  1. nice scenery, but not engrossing diet. Love, Papa

  2. yumm! great food great hours

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