Banana Pancakes

Banana-pancake man on our block's 7-11 (every block has one or two of those, too).

…more accurately, banana crepes. With coconut milk. And chocolate. And sometimes mango. Anyway, a standard amongst the infinite food-carts lining every street in Bangkok are the banana crepe stands. In our neighborhood of Bang Sue and where there are more local Thais, the banana-pancake-making angels only come out at night to feed our cravings. But in the more toursity/ backpacker areas (like the infamous Khao San Road here in BKK, and about every backpacker outpost throughout Thailand), the crepe stands are open all day, everywhere. Namely, 6 feet from the water on Ko Samet, or outside of every bar and massage studio (studio= hole in the wall) in Kanchanaburi.

This seemingly endless string of banana pancake stands throughout Thailand links to form the ubiquitous “Banana Pancake Trail.” It’s less a trail than a well-traveled journey by backpackers. Guesthouses, bars, craft vendors, and more amazing food stands are also frequently sighted along the BPT, which makes for a conveniently light backpack and full stomach. And a full wallet, as I haven’t yet paid more than $3 for a meal or $10 for a night in a hotel.

Presentation isn't a strong point for street vendors, but it's the best food EVER. Screw chairs and tables and waiters.

Yesterday, my friends and I spent a few hours at a travel agency (definitely the way to go here! Boats, buses, trains, and planes are difficult to coordinate with no language skillz) on Khao San Road, plotting out our backpacking trip for the 3 weeks after our volunteer program in Bangkok ends.  We’ll start down on the islands of the Andaman Coast (Krabi, Railay, Phi Phi, and Phuket), head up to mountainous Chiang Mai, then take a 24 hour trek via slow-boat and train over to Luangprabang, Laos, where our ultimate goal of tubing the Nam Song river will be accomplished! Which is pretty much the only event planned. Other than snorkel, scuba, rock climbing, kayaking, more elephant rides, hiking, yoga, and of course, cuisine research.

Mango sticky rice is also addicting, and beyond delicious. Khao San Road is inundated with sticky rice & pad thai, both < $1. What else could you need?


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