It’s day 3.5 in Bangkok, and we’ve already gotten most of the Bangkok basics accomplished. From tuk tuk rides to temples to floating markets to bizarre new food, it’s been a sensory overload!  I’ll start from the beginning:

The flight: I should have known that it would be a long one. Not because of the inherently long timeframe of 16 hours from San Francisco to Hong Kong to Bangkok, but because when sitting at the gate in SFO, about half of the massive crowd at the gate stood up when “boarding for passengers with infants and children” was called. Children screaming for more than 2 hours at a time should probably be consoled, parents. Or locked in the cargo hold.

Day .5: While exiting the air-con Bangkok airport, I stumbled into a wall of melting humidity. It’s HOT here, to say the least. Wet, smoggy, smelly, sticky, suffocating heat. I was le tired. But, I was too delirious from the flight and excited to finally be here that I decided explore a bit in my first few hours here. I got to the CCS house (massive walk-in closet > size of my room at school), dropped my bags, and dragged my butt to get a thai massage. $6 for an hour of full-body relaxation?? Please.

Other than just getting a rub-down, I met the fabulous staff here. Pimsuda founded and runs the program here in Bangkok, Air’s position is the “go-to, do-everything” assistant, Benz (yes, he chose his nickname to be like the car) is our techie/driver/fix-it man, and Noon is our fabulous housekeeper. Only Pimsuda and Air speak English, but we all communicate very well..I think.

The next 2 days were much more exciting than just a massage, but it’s dinner time! The food here alone is life-changing…

On the way "home"...mildly different scenery.

Everyone has one. 2+ people is preferred; It's the Thai minivan.


The Lazy Susan is key for Thai dinners. Namely, for hoarding the foods I want. (That one in front is deep-fried lamb intestines. Spin, please)



3 responses to “Firsts.

  1. dear abby,
    i am officially following your blog
    what has my life become? / what has your life become? we blog. enough said

  2. So I’m in love with you and infinitely jealous of your travel experience. All of it = amazing.
    Update this blog, I promise to stalk it in return. Faithfully.

  3. Sawadee Khrap Abby!

    I’m glad to hear that you are having adventures in Bangkok. Best wishes in the Kingdom of Thailand. I miss it there!

    P.S. Is that Thai language book useful?

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